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Aqua Lube “Real Oil” has been formulated to give superior performance in all types of fishing reels. This revolutionary, new lubricant is manufactured from synthetic base stocks which displaces water and protects fishing reels from rust and corrosion, even in saltwater. The excellent lubricity of “Real Oil” insures smoother operation with less friction, thereby extending the life of reels.

Aqua Lube | Real Oil

Aqua Lube Lower Unit Oil is a specially formulated gear oil designed for use in lower unit gear assemblies of high performance outboard and inboard stern drive engines. Aqua Lube Lower Unit Oil is formulated from high viscosity index gear oil base stocks and formulated with a highly effective anti-wear , anti-scuff, extreme pressure additive package. A special synthetic tackiness additive clings tenaciously to gears to assure full lubrication under the heavy loads typical of marine engine acceleration. 80W90T viscosity provides complete lubrication even in coldest weather. Aqua Lube 80w90T has been tested and certified to exceed API GL-4, GL-5 and GL-6 standards.

Aqua Lube | Lower Unit Oil

Aqua Lube synthetic blend Trailer Axle Lubricant is formulated from a superior high viscosity base oil stock and fortified with a highly effective anti-wear, anti-scuff extreme pressure synthetic package. A special tackiness additive makes the oil cling tenaciously to bearings and gears to assure full lubrication under the most severe conditions. It will also help improve seal seating and prevent metal to metal contact, reduce friction while guarding against oxidation, rust and corrosion, improve transmission of applied power. It is certified to exceed GL-4, GL-5, and GL-6 standards. It also exceeds military standards for MIL-2105 – MIL2105C.

Aqua Lube | Trailer Axle Lubricant

Aqua Lube Outboard Engine Oil is a fully qualified, high flash, ashless two-cycle engine oil. Formulated with highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks fortified with select additives it provide superior protection in all water cooled outboard engines. Superior lubricating properties help prevent ring scuffing, wear and corrosion. High detergent and ashless additives keep pistons, heads and ports free from deposits. Friction modifiers protect connecting rod and crank shaft bearings. Aqua Lube Outboard Engine Oil has been formulated for superior performance in bot variable ratio oil injection engines and engines requiring pre-mixing of oil and gasoline. Aqua Lube is pre-diluted to enhance fuel/oil miscibility and may be used in other two-cycle engines, such as snowmobiles, snowblowers, lawn blowers, motorcycles, ice augers, and chainsaws requiring TC-W, TC-WII and TC-W3. Aqua Lube Outboard Engine Oil is formulated to exceed NMMA requirements for TC-W, TC-WII and TC-W3.

Aqua Lube | Outboard Engine Oil

We are introducing a 100% pure, full synthetic motor oil, for 4 stroke outboard engines. Aqua Lube Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated and blended with a sub micron process that makes it truly a super premium high performance product. This motor oil exceeds American warranty requirements for gasoline and gasoline turbo charged engines where API SJ, SH, CF or ILSAC GF-Z oils are specified. Also exceeds European ACEA A1-96 standards and passes Japanese valve train wear tests. It is also compatible with conventional motor oils and meets GM 4718M and Volvo service fill requirements. Aqua Lube Synthetic Motor Oil provides the following benefits:
-Lower oil consumption at higher RPM’s
-Protects against harmful deposits and acids
-Gives faster lubrication at low temperature start ups
-Provides a cleaner running, longer lasting engine
-More protection at elevated temperatures

Aqua Lube | Synthetic Motor Oils

Exceeds North American warranty requirements for gasoline and gasoline turbo charged engines where API, SL, SH, CF oils are specified. Check your owners manual for the proper SAE grade.

Aqua Lube 2 Cycle Synthetic Blend is specially formulated and blended for high performance snowmobiles and ATV’s. It will provide exceptional protection against ring scuffing, pre-ignition, exhaust port passage deposits, plug fouling, and will help keep the internal parts clean and lubricated. This product is recommended for all 2-cycle injector or pre-mix non VES (exhaust valve) applications. Aqua Lube is a new formulation which has superior lubrication properties preventing ring scuffing, wear, and corrosion. High detergent, ashless additives minimize piston and port deposits, keep engines clean, help prevent piston damaging pre-ignition and meet fuel/oil miscibility requirements.

Aqua Lube | Snowmobile and ATV Oil

Designed and formulated for performance applications protects against lacquers, sludge and other harmful deposits. Excellent stability in the base oil stock. Has extra oxidation inhibitors. Minimizes chatter in tilting operation and is especially effective for smooth quiet operation at all speeds. Has a fast circulation during cold weather and maintains a excellent lubricating body in hot temperatures. It is formulated from the finest hydroprocessed base stocks available and fortified with friction control, antifoam, corrosion additives that make Aqua Lube Title & Trim Fluid one of the finest products on the market.

Aqua Lube | Tilt and trim fluid