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All 15 gallon, and 55 gallon drums will be charged for freight separately. Additional shipping fees will be applied to orders containing 5 gal. buckets. Call 800-861-0069 for details.

Cures ethanol problems and rejuvenates stale fuel stabilizes gasoline up to 2 years. Removes gum and varnish, cleans values and injectors. Safe for all 2 & 4 cycle engines, makes engines run smoother, start easily and improves performance. 8oz bottle treats 128 gallons of fuel. 16oz bottle treats 256 gallons of fuel.

This durable wrench comes with 8 different inserts, it will fit everything from 17/32″ to 1-1/4″ . use in conjunction with our floating drain plug. to your prop nut, it will also fit I/O’s and it floats.

Part no. UPW-8

Aqua Lube | Universal Floating Wrench

Revolutionary patented design works with any rope or line, up to 1/2” and is made of durable corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. Fast. Just one quick tug and the rope is locked, the higher the load – The tighter the grip.

Marine uses- Anchor and Mooring Lines, Deck and Dock Lines, Deck Accessories, Fenders.

Fast – Just pull the rope to lock, spring loaded cam lock.

Simple – Self-locking design, can use with one hand.

Safe – One quick tug and load is secure, reduces risk of horizontal release, high load = tighter grip.

Tough – Long life/minimum wear, corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel, stainless steel mounting hardware.

Part No. QG-2

Convenient, portable, versatile storage system.

No permanent mounting necessary, versatile…store all fish scent containers securely, Rotates freely around pedestal and fits front and rear seats. Stores drinks, pliers, lures, sunglasses, etc, prevents liquids containers from spilling on boat deck or carpet, made from long lasting tough resigns that make it indestructible. Great item for all kinds of boats and other equipment.

The Safety Siphon is truly one of the most useful items a person can have. It will pump out fish aquariums, minnow tanks, diesel and gas tanks, water beds, washing machines, liquid fertilizer, stock tanks, and lawn, farm, and construction equipment. Use it for a bilge pump to pump your boat out. If you are on the road and run out of gas you can’t pour it into your car unless you have the Super Siphon. No moving parts and it will last a lifetime. Approximately 6′ long. It is really one of the most unique products we have ever found, simply a great products that everyone should have!

Aqua Lube | Safety Siphon

Fits the Super Siphon hose to add length.

Aqua Lube | Hose Adaptor

The Mini-Lube is unique. In fact, there is no comparable products on the market today. The Mini-Lube is a compact, lightweight, portable greasing system, designed to fit our 7 pound grease can, yet it has the ability to generate greasing pressure associated with the more expensive, power operated lubrication systems. Mini-Lube has proven itself as the ideal way to protect your investment in today’s expensive machines. It is now available with our greases that are packaged in the 7 pound can. It is intended for use in all types of industry, including: Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Trucking, Mining, Oil field, Marine, Municipalities, Manufacturing, Heavy Equipment, and Concrete Industry.

Aqua Lube | Mini Lube

Aqua Lube | Grease Guns

Aqua Lube | Bearing Packers

This pump has a strong magnet in the base and can be hung upside down if needed, changing oil on 4 stroke engines has never easier. This unit will save time and money and a big mess.

Part no. 12-VP

Aqua Lube | 12V Pump

For use with the lower unit oil, this pump is a must for maintaining outboard or I-O drive units. It is made from plastic resins that resist deterioration from petroleum or synthetic compounds. It has a heavy duty adapter with an O-ring for proper sealing. The Lower Unit Gear Oil Pump will save you loss of product by being able to remove all of the lower unit oil from the bottles, not like in a squeeze tube. Will fit all standard gear oil bottles and comes in a plastic bag for storage. For use with lower unit maintenance, it has a 360 degree swivel fitting with a “O” ring for proper sealing. it has a 8cc pump for quicker filling. We have found these pumps to be superior to other models.


The Easy Hitch is the answer for trailer alignment, It is held in place with magnets, it telescopes to a height of 4′ and will collapse to 9″ for easy storage, has flashing LED’s, comes with batteries and spares also has a storage pouch. These are especially handy for low profile trailer such as Sea Do or pontoon trailers.

Converts gear oil pump for Yamaha, Nissan, and Honda engines.

Aqua Lube | Metric Adaptor

After many years of trying and testing corrosion eliminating products, we have found the ultimate. CORROSION X really does what it is designed to do. It stops and eliminates corrosion better than any other product on the market. It is also super penetrating fluid for frozen parts.

Aqua Lube | Corrosion X

Rejex is the latest advancement in reactive chemical coatings designed to giva an ultra-slick high gloss polymer finish that seals and protects painted surfaces, glass, metal, plastics, gel coat and acrylic. This means you can use Rejex on your entire vehicle or boat, even the wheels and glass.

A little bit goes a long way. One bottle will finish three cars, or two SUV’s, a 25′ boat od RV or a typical single engine plain and this product will last 6 months or longer.

This product is truly the best protectant product we have found.

Aqua Lube | Rejex

Richter Anchors are used by 100+ Tournament Fishermen, including big names on the Professional Walleye Trail and Masters Walleye Circuit.

Richter Anchors are effective and simple to use.

The Richter Anchor is effective, efficient, and easy to use.

18 lb. Anchor for boats up to 20 ft.
25 lb. Anchor for boats up to 30 ft.
Using Unicord, 3/8 nylon rebraid anchor line with a thimble. Connect the anchor ring and thimble with a 5/16″ connect link and nut.
Consider using 2 – 4 ft. of chain on rough water.


Just lower the anchor off the stern or bow.


Set your line in at a 30 to 40 degree angle or a 3 to 1 scope. Use extra line in rough water or current.


Position the boat over the anchor or just past vertical, to allow the line to follow the release bar to base.

Aqua Lube | Richter Anchors

Our anchor line is a double braided 100% nylon line that won’t rot, mildew, or hackle. It is made with the best UV inhibitors available ( sun light does not effect it ). It comes with a galvanized thimble on one end. This anchor line has no memory so it is extremely flexable and has a 3700 lb. breaking strength ( easy on your hands ).
We have 3/8″ 1/2″ 5/8″ in 600′ spools for bulk. Please call for pricing and colors.
– We can now custom make dock, mooring & anchor line to your specification

Aqua Lube | Anchor Line

These rope reels are essential for storage of anchor line. They hold 150′ of line, compact and durable, comes with either a hand crank model or hand held model.

Fishing, golfing, or working these micro-fiber towels are one of the handiest things you can have, comes with a carabineer to clip on your belt, bass seat or boat, helps keep your hands clean and dry, washes clean dries fast, comes in red, blue, black, green, gold, pink and white. Please specify color when ordering.